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More than 60% of Virginia's 4th graders are below proficiency in reading. By 8th grade, it's closer to 70%.

Students who have trouble reading also tend to have low self-confidence and may act out in school. Because most schools teach Balanced Literacy and SOL's only require 65% correct to pass, a student may seem to be okay in reading but have trouble with word problems in math or reading comprehension. In adulthood, low literacy is related to underemployment, homelessness, and incarceration, draining the local economy. 360 Citizens wants to change these numbers. We are helping our local Hampton Roads community understand literacy better, providing effective interventions to help students read and comprehend at grade level, and seeking to close gaps in workforce development. 360 Citizens uses literacy as a foundation to ensure that our youth have the skills they need to actively engage in learning, care for themselves and others, and function as economically secure community members.

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