360 Reads

Reading = Engagement

One of the signs that students are truly learning to read, is that they begin to read everything. Street signs, placards, things around the house, etc…

Everyone is not meant to be a reader – reading frequently and for pleasure. But everyone should be reading. Interacting with the written word to participate in their home, school, and community. 

We offer 3 paths for reading intervention and support. 360 Reads helps give students the foundation they need to actively participate in their world.

Tutors work with identified students to help them read at grade level. The EasyRead program is used on-site in the student’s home, in schools, and in the community.
A 6 week literacy  intervention program for African-American boys, rising grades 4-6. Incorporates language arts, emotional skill building, and S.T.E.A.M. H activities.
Access the EasyRead program from the comfort of your home. One low price per family includes assessment, resources, and professional support.


A Quiet Crisis

Every day, children are falling further and further behind in school. Parents assume that schools know what they’re doing. Schools have accepted a certain amount of failure and lowered the standards year by year.

But more than half of the 12th grade students in our nation are not reading at a proficient level. It is assumed that if you have not learned to read by 3rd grade, all hope is gone. 

What if there was a program, that in 20 minutes or less per day, could bring these students up to grade level? What if the community was able to pitch in to help the students work through that program? Such a program could change the course of that child’s life. 

​We believe EasyRead is that program and we want to make it available to as many students as possible. You can help!

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