Find places, people and things you need to help you. In turn, you can help others. This is an organic page and resources will be continually added.

Spiritual Resources

YouVersion – The best, free-est Bible app ever. They also produce Bible App for kids too.
I Am Second – Videos, questions, and answers about faith and struggles

Emotional/Mental Resources

HelpGuide – overview on mental and emotional health with resources
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality – education and resources
Holy and Healthy Living – Christian focused meditation and resources
Mental Health Grace Alliance blog– Articles on emotional and mental health struggles

Physical Resources

Greatist – food, fitness and more
KidsHealth – A wealth of info for educators, parents, kids and teens 
Everyday Health – Info on everything health and fitness, includes a symptom checker
MAND on Vaccines – perspectives on vaccination
Smart Vax
– Balanced, scientific information on vaccination

Financial Resources

Budgetnista – Practical, actionable systems for living affordably
Financial Allies – an in-depth article about the history of financial planning and how to move forward
First Nations Development Institute – financial literacy and support for Native Americans
Catholic Charities – resources for impoverished and low-income families

Social Resources

YMCA – an affordable resource for fitness, recreation and child care. There are scholarships for low-income households.
Church Finder – search for local churches
Local recreation or community centers – an inexpensive way to connect with others and get involved
Volunteer Match – connect with others through service

Occupational Resources

Career Online High School – This program allows adult learners to complete their high school diplomas 
O*NET – National site for occupational resources including job seeker assistance, questionnaires and more
MyRoad – College and career planning by
Lifehack on Hobbies – How to incorporate a hobby in your life
100 Cheap Hobbies – 100 hobbies, sorted by category

Hampton Roads Resources

Links to resource sites for the Hampton Roads, VA region

Virginia 2-1-1 – connects people with free information on available community services
ABBA List – a website that lists free support resources available in local churches
Church Guide – programs for those in need of support, counseling, and/or assistance.  Usually free/low-cost
KidsPriorityOne – resources for children and families

Recommended Resources

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