Learning and Development Evaluations


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We know our kids better than anyone else. We’re often the first to know or suspect that something isn’t going right with our littles (and our bigs!). It can be hard to know who to talk to. It can be hard to get the help you need.

We want to make it easier. We offer learning and development evaluations for this reason. You will get 30-60 minutes with a professional trained in child development, education, and mental health. Our evaluators are uniquely positioned to help you figure out the obstacles your learner is facing and point you in the right direction.

Traditionally, these evaluations have been for homeschooling families to satisfy proof of progress in Virginia but we realized that there are many families who can benefit from this assistance.

Evaluations are generally interviews but can also include informal or formal assessments. We do not diagnose but we can advise on how certain developmental differences present and provide recommendations.

Our specialties include but are not limited to homeschooling, unschooling, test anxiety, autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and family dynamics.

You have the choice to meet with us 1-3 times a year. If you are a homeschooling family, you will receive a proof of progress letter. If you are public, private, or other schooling, you will receive an evaluation report.

Meet with us in person in the 757 region, or virtually.

Multiple students and returning families receive a discount.

Additional information

Evaluation Frequency

Evaluation Only $50, Before and After (twice a year) $75, Year Round (three times a year) $95

Additional Students

None, Eval Only +1 ($35), Eval Only +2 ($70), Eval Only +3 or more ($150), Before and After +1 ($25), Before and After +2 ($50), Before and After +3 or more ($140), Year Round +1 ($10), Year Round +2 ($20), Year Round +3 or more ($120)


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