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Please check the laws in your state to make sure you are following the most current laws.

a2zHomeschool – This list has links to the actual state laws which makes it good for a quick search. They also have a great resource page on other homeschool legalities.

ProPublica – ProPublica has a state-by-state breakdown of notification, parent education minimums, criminal bans, state-mandated subjects, and requirements for assessment and vaccination.

FindLaw Education – FindLaw has a state-by-state summary of regulations. This is a great overview of what your state requires.


Homeschool Styles

There are as many different ways to homeschool as there are people. At least it seems that way.

The Homeschool Style Quiz – This quiz is hosted on Homeschool On… I like it because the questions are relatable to most people. I ended up with an almost even split between Unschooling, Charlotte Mason, and Unit Studies.

Homeschool Philosophies Quiz – This quiz by Eclectic Homeschooling is a bit more in-depth and covers a wider variety of homeschool types. Be forewarned, when I first took it, I had no idea what some of the questions referred to. But my results were pretty accurate and I learned about the Thomas Jefferson method. They explain all of the philosophies as well.

Homeschool Method Guide – Pam Barnhill has a very nice write-up of the most popular types along with pros, cons, and links. Read the comments for even more info.

Quick Tips: Try before you buy. Know your child. Be ready to change to something totally different. Having a curriculum is not required (in most states).

The Best Curriculum – In her Homeschooling 101 series, The Homeschool Mom talks about how to choose the best curriculum for your child.

Cathy Duffy Reviews – The most referred to reviews for homeschool curricula. There is also a book with the top 102 picks.

Homeschool Classifieds – Once you have an idea of what you like, check out homeschool classifieds to see if they have what you’re looking for at a good price. The Homeschool Mom has an extensive list of other good places to purchase used curriculum.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op – This site leverages the power of the group to get some fantastic curriculum discounts. They also have their own online planner, homeschool ID cards, and more!