noun – a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

America has always been divided. It is a country built on ideals of freedom gained through exploitation, genocide, and oppression. The way we are taught and cultured continues that division. And the divide can only be repaired by facing the problem and dismantling the structures that maintain it.

360 Citizens envision a united America. One that accepts differences and appreciates diversity. An America that honors the experiences of all. An America that truly represents liberty and justice for all.

As part of the unification process, divides need to be actively repaired. We believe that Indigenous and African Americans have been the most harmed, by a Supremacy that considers them less intelligent and valuable. To this end, we seek economic opportunities to put action to the belief that we are all Americans who deserve to live in safety and the abundance of collective efforts.

We invite all who are willing to live in an anti-racist, anti-authoritarian, freedom for all society, to join us in these efforts.

Our first effort is investing in Black-owned businesses in Hampton Roads, VA. The Buy Black 757 card is a discount card for multiple (excellent) businesses in the area. Click the image to learn more and purchase.

Our 1st initiative – a discount card for Black-owned businesses in the 757 area of VA