Eval FAQ


Q: Who needs to submit Proof of Progress?

​If you are homeschooling under Virginia’s homeschool policy and your student turned 6 on or before September 30th of the current school year, you are required to submit proof of progress.

Q: What counts as Proof of Progress?

​There are 3 methods to provide proof of progress.

The most common is a nationally normed achievement test such as the TerraNova/CAT, available from Seton or Academic Excellence. College entrance exams including the ACT, SAT, and PSAT also fall under this method.

The second method is to have an evaluator provide a letter attesting to the student’s progress. Evaluators must have a master’s degree in any subject or be a licensed teacher in any state. Evaluators should provide their credentials along with the letter to be submitted to your school district. To avoid any potential impropriety, it is recommended that family members do not complete the evaluation for your student.

The third method is a report card or transcript from a correspondence school or institute of higher education. This method is somewhat vague but implies that the report card or transcript is from an organization that has taken responsibility for the student’s education. Most co-ops, even if they issue report cards, do not fall under this option.

Q: Where do I submit my Proof of Progress?

​Proof of progress is provided to the division superintendent’s office by mail, hand delivery, or email. If sending by mail, certified delivery is recommended. Similarly, with hand delivery, you may request that the office provide a copy with a stamp that it was received. Depending on your email provider, you can send it with a read receipt. 
The office address for the superintendent can be found at the VDOE website: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/directories/school_divisions/division_info_by_regions.shtml#r2Available email addresses are as follows:
Virginia Beach julie.bressette@vbschools.com
Norfolk (may not accept results by email) homeschool.nps.k12.va.us
Chesapeake kim.forbes@cpschools.com
Portsmouth (prefers hard copy) susan.patterson@portsk12.com
Suffolk (prefers hard copy) keeshahicks@spsk12.net
​Hampton twatson2@hampton.k12.va.us
Newport News (typically requests proof of immunization)  catherine.ferebee@nn.k12.va.us

Q: When is Proof of Progress due?

August 1st. Notice of Intent is due August 15th.

Q: Why choose an evaluator?

Evaluators are often a more flexible, informal option for students who may have difficulty with traditional testing. This is typically due to the student who has test anxiety, reading difficulties, cognitive differences, or is a self-directed learner. Evaluators are checking that the student has gained new skills since the Notice of Intent was filed. They may talk with the student and caregiver, view work samples, or casually assess a student’s academic level. The best way to find an evaluator that is a good fit is to talk with other homeschooling families and interview the evaluator.