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Media Lessons: Life is Payne-ful!

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About Course

Join us as we journey through Season 1 of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.  Each week we will discuss a new episode of the social issue highlighted, from bullying to drug addiction to child predators. The show has a PG rating but mature topics.

Disclaimer: This is a primarily Black American cast. As such, other cultures and ethnicities are more likely to avoid the show, especially White Americans. I believe it would be beneficial to have a diverse group of learners in this class and invite all cultures and ethnicities to participate.

Comedy and drama are excellent vehicles to promote discussion of deeper issues. Potential topic discussions are listed in the class descriptions.

Classes will meet live online on Wednesdays from 3-4 PM, EST, starting 9/20/22.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Through viewing the House of Payne family situations, students will have the opportunity to examine their own lives, learn about the wider world, and learn about respecting differences. Students will have an opportunity to discuss mature topics in a safe, guided environment.

Course Content

S1:E1 Bully and the Beast
Young Malik is bullied at school, but it turns out his tormentor is a girl with a formidable foster mother (Madea). Potential topics: Bullying Foster Care

  • Course Expectations and Introduction

S1:E4 Busted
Family bonds are tested when Calvin has cash-flow issues and CJ confronts Janine about her problems. Potential topics: Drug Addiction Illegal Income Family Support

S1:E6 Down and Outted
CJ's frustration over Janine's predicament impacts his family life and career. Meanwhile, Curtis grows concerned when he sees young Malik wearing a ballerina tutu. Potential topics: Drug addiction Gender Homophobia

S1:E8 Just Say No
An intense anti-drug school presentation disturbs young Jazmine, prompting CJ to counsel her. Meanwhile, after rescuing a poodle, Curtis plans to use the reward money to purchase a massage chair for his office. Potential topics: Substance use Substance prevention Ethics

S1:E10 Father Knows Best
Janine's somewhat smug parents---upon sensing a family situation that could be harmful for children---file for custody of young Jazmine and Malik. Meanwhile, Curtis' firehouse scores an award for fastest response time, but then its speedy fire truck vanishes. Potential topics: Custody Firefighting Workplace metrics

S1:E14 Head of the Class
Jazmine decides to enter politics by running for school president. Meanwhile, Curtis and Ella enroll in an art class together. Potential topics: Political system Healthy relationships

S1:E20 And Justice for All
Curtis wheels, deals and spiels in order to get out of jury duty. Elsewhere, Malik designs his Internet profile and plunges into the computer-dating pool. Potential topics: Court system Citizenship Online safety

S1:E21 I Got the Hookup
Everyone tries to push newly divorced CJ into the dating pool. Meanwhile, palpable tension heats up between Angel and Calvin, and an HIV-positive woman volunteers at the help center. Potential topics: HIV/Communicable Diseases Dealing with differences Divorce Dating

S1:E28 The Big Test
CJ has a date with Nicole, who tells him she's waiting until marriage to have sex. Elsewhere, Jazmine cheats on a math test. Potential topics: Abstinence Sex Cheating

S1:E31 Dog Day Afternoon
Curtis is unwittingly roped into helping a bank robber. Meanwhile, Malik must craft a documentary for a school assignment. Potential topics: Social awareness Accomplices Exploitation

S1:E36 Lost Without U
An angry Ella boots Curtis out of the house in the wake of his self-indulgent motorcycle purchase. Holed up at the firehouse, Curtis seeks Ella's forgiveness. Meanwhile, CJ and Nicole's relationship is severely tested. Potential topics: Healthy relationships Communication Boundaries Consequences

S1:E37 I Rest My Case
Malik and his buddy Kyle attend a court hearing for their motorcycle accident. Potential topics: Actions and consequences Peer pressure

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