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By Ms. Shay Categories: 8 Weeks, Hybrid, Math
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About Course

The Math Foundations course is designed to help learners make sense of math concepts from time and money to fractions and word problems. Learners will also improve their understanding of math vocabulary. This is a hybrid course with one live class and one recorded class.

Classes will meet live online on Wednesdays from 1-2 PM, EST, starting 9/21/22.

What Will You Learn?

  • Students will become comfortable with math vocabulary and use it to "translate" information into math problems.
  • Students will understand how math operates in their daily lives.
  • Students will understand basic mathematic principles.

Course Content

Math from the Beginning
We'll start by looking out how we use math in our daily lives: birthdays, time, measuring, etc...

  • Course Expectations and Introduction

Math from the Beginning, Part 2
We'll continue on our math journey by taking a look at counting and place value and how it all adds up.

That’s About the Size of It
More measuring! This time, we're looking at how we measure household objects, the differences in liquid and dry measurement, metric/customary, and comparing sizes.

That’s About the Size of It, Part 2
We will continue looking at measurements and why estimating them is so convenient to compare. We'll discuss what should and should not be compared.

Show Me the Money!
Math is money and money is math! Students will learn more about the relationship between money and place value, including decimals and fractions. We'll also cover skip counting and add and subtracting to 10.

Get Big Fast!
We'll revisit skip counting and other patterns, find out why multiplication is such an awesome trick, and work with fractions too.

Breaking It Down
Division doesn't have to be scary. We'll demystify division with whole numbers, place value (10's), and fractions.

Can You Say That in Math?
We will end the course with that fearsome foe, word problems. Students will learn how to break down and understand word problems in a way that makes sense for them.

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