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Algebra Foundations

By Ms. Shay Categories: 8 Weeks, Hybrid, Math
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About Course

Algebra is a much-needed skill for post-secondary tests and it’s great for flexible and logical thinking. This course will go over the foundational skills needed like substitution, variables, and coordinate planes.

This class is a hybrid, with one recorded and one live class each week.

Classes will meet live online on Thursdays from 3-4 PM, EST, starting 9/22/22.

What Will You Learn?

  • Students will have a much better understanding of equations, formulas, fractions, and how slope applies in real life.

Course Content

Substitutions and Formulas
Understanding substitution is a big piece of the Algebra puzzle. We will learn and practice substitution and how to use it to follow formulas.

  • Course Expectations and Introduction

Expressions and Equations
Number sentences can be just a set of quantities (expressions) or a complete sentence (equations).

We will explore why there are even letters in math and how to make variables and numbers play nicely together.

Input and Output
Where we start, is not where we end. Both a good life lesson and a useful understanding for algebraic patterns and equations.

Flexible Fractions
Understanding what fractions mean and how to use them is absolutely vital when working with slope and other algebraic concepts.

Word Problems
Math has its own language and we will learn to decode it by translating and creating word problems.

Coordinate Plane
We'll take everything we've learned so far and apply it visually to data and graphs.

Final Project
Students will create and share their own Algebra project and answer questions about it,

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