What is a 360 Citizen?

Multicolored circle with 4 open circle points and a book in the middle

360 Citizens are everything you want your child to be and become.

360 Citizens are literate

A group of multi-ethnic students holding books up to their faces with grass in the background

Youth and adults that can receive and communicate their wants and needs with a common language foundation. Literate citizens can read and choose to do so for enjoyment, to learn new information, and to understand.

360 Citizens are engaged

Man sitting on a table with a tablet, anatomy chart and bottle of Family Springs Alkaline water
Volunteer Christopher Harrison – Summer 2019

Engaged citizens are critical thinkers and active participants in their own lives. They have plans and goals and make intentional choices to reach their goals. 360 citizens believe that they are powerful, their voices are necessary, and change is within their grasp.

360 Citizens are empathetic

Trifold Whiteboard with the title Fall Festivals Around the World
Learning About Different Cultures and Perspectives

The plans and goals that 360 citizens make are not self-centered. Empathetic citizens care for themselves, their families, and their community. They strive to understand and care for others because they have been cared for. Differences are not mocked or avoided but welcomed and celebrated.

360 Citizens are economically secure

Group of students sitting in a conference room
Black BRAND’s Wealth Machine Students at the Youth Entrepreneur Pitch Competition

The purpose of a good education is to equip future citizens for a sustainable life. Literacy is the foundation but 360 citizens are comfortable with numbers, knowledgeable about history, civically engaged, and have the skills and awareness to make a good living. 360 Citizens are seeking to build wealth and enact change with that wealth, including building a legacy for future generations.

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