Excellent Education 

for a Better Tomorrow 

Education should have a purpose. Our educational services and resources aim to equip today’s youth to be tomorrow’s leaders. We want to assist with providing a holistic, complete (360 degrees) education that incorporates the multiple facets of life and does so in a way that makes sense. 

We believe that true learning occurs when students of all ages are interested and understand how the learning is needed in their life. We also believe that learning is not force-feeding facts, but a dynamic interplay between educators and learners. We all learn from each other and our goal is for that learning to improve lives. 

For our youth, we want to provide education that helps them understand themselves and others better, fosters compassion and citizenship, and gives them the tools to be successful adults. For educators and caregivers, we want to provide education about child and human development and learning differences, as well as support their goals for their students. We hope you’ll join us on the journey to becoming 360 Citizens.



Our Story

In 2015, Shay Malone founded Families 4 His Glory, Inc., a non-profit to help families thrive in a holistic way by providing resources and direct support. By 2019, it was evident that running a non-profit mostly solo (although with some amazing volunteers along the way) was not going to be sustainable. By the end of 2020, Families 4 His Glory, Inc. was 360 Citizens and transitioning to a social enterprise – a private company with the primary focus on using commerce to support social benefits. Currently, 360 Citizens provides educational services and resources to assist learners with becoming empathetic, equity-seeking, and economically savvy.

Shay has always worked in helping professions. She was blessed to have helping hands throughout her life and wants to help provide village support for others but also teach others how to be kind to themselves and others. Family, friends, churches, and community resources all helped her thrive despite a family history of mental illness, sexual trauma, and single parenting.
Shay is twice exceptional (2E – see here and here); a gifted learner with ADHD. As a Special Educator and Math teacher, a mental health professional, and exceptional family and friends, Shay is intimately aware of how youth and their families end up in suboptimal conditions. She is committed to doing all she can to change that in her corner of the world.