Our Story

Families 4 His Glory, Inc. was originally founded in 2015 to connect families with resources to improve their well-being. In her career as an educator-counselor, Zhavon Shay Malone, frequently found that there was information and help available that families did not know about.

Fast forward to 2020 and Families 4 His Glory, Inc. is now 360 Citizens. We have evolved from providing temporary resources to building firm foundations in education. Literacy and education have always been the key to social and economic freedom and we aim to carry on the tradition.

We use the UK-based program EasyRead to ensure that students can read. We engage students in a variety of ways to educate them about their world and why it is important for them to participate in it.

Why do we start with literacy? Because we care about health, economic opportunity, reducing crime and homelessness, improving the environment, and creating equitable communities. Literacy is the basic building block for healthy societies and citizens and what our culture does currently ISN’T working!

Our services are targeted toward minorities and students with disabilities as they are continually the most underserved academically but overrepresented in the areas of trauma and poverty. We invite you to join us as we work to make long-lasting changes for the better in Hampton Roads, VA.